Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Simple Cell Accessories You Can’t Do Without

Cell accessories are everywhere, and new ones are being released every day at a dizzying rate. Admittedly, I am tempted to try each and every one. But it seems like more often than not, it is the practical, old-standby accessory that I reach for time and time again. Today I’m going to take a look at some of the simple but often indispensable accessories that have become invaluable to me. These are the ones that I keep two or more of on hand so that I will never be without one at the wrong moment.

Many cell phone accessories assist in connecting your phone to other devices. Some would argue that the standard USB cord is the one accessory we most often can’t find when we need it. So first tip of the day- Always have a back-up USB cord! I keep spares at home, at the office, and in the glove box of my car.  The charger is also crucial. I always have a universal outlet USB- input charger on hand, the kind that utilizes a standard USB cord, since it takes up so little space. In fact I often have one in my pocket. They’re cheap and easy to find, so I sometimes gift them to friends and co-workers who have found themselves without a charger. I also keep a car lighter operated charger in my purse for when I’m riding in someone else’s car. It may seem excessive, but I can’t count how many times I’ve used them. I’ve had to replace them a few times after leaving them in friend’s cars, but it’s been well worth it.
I probably use my phone for taking pictures just as often as making phone calls, text messaging, or web applications, if not more. I find that the inevitable maxing out of my memory card before I upload my photos always sneaks up on me. I hate having to upload or delete photos when I am in the middle of  trying to take new pictures- the whole idea is to capture a fleeting moment, and if I am fumbling with my phone for too long, the moment is going to pass. So I now keep at least one card with a large capacity in my wallet as a backup. This is especially important if you use a lot of apps that fill up your memory quickly.

Hands free headsets are among the most useful of cell phone accessories, as they allow you to safely talk on the phone, and in many places they are now required by law if you are operating a vehicle while on the phone. Even if you''re not driving, headsets can be very convenient if you''re talking and trying to do something else with your hands.  That’s why I keep a backup handset inside.

I received a cool universal phone holder as a business gift recently and now I keep one in almost every room of the house. I can’t tell you how many times it’s come in handy when I want to watch a video.

Which brings me to my final recommendation: Keep spare Screen protectors. There is probably no accessory I resent buying more.  Spending ten or twenty dollars on a tiny piece of film just didn’t seem worth it to me at first. But as I scratched more and more screens, and started enjoying watching video and reading e-books less and less, I decided to suck it up and invest in the screen protectors. It ended up being money well spent; I haven’t scratched up a screen since. Now I always have a backup for when the edges start to peel because once that happens, the protector is on its way out.

Sure, I indulge in a fun or silly accessory now and then, like my cell cover that looks like a cassette tape. But it’s the simple accessories- the tried and true basics- that I really can’t do without.

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