Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What to Expect if You Hired the IT Crowd

IT support from the characters of Channel 4’s hit comedy series


Pros - Roy has managed to get very comfortable in the office, but aside from that he seems to be lazy, quite annoying to the staff and deflects all actual work onto co-worker Moss.

Cons – Roy has a habit of looking busy but doing nothing. He is also not very personable and tends to be quite offensive at times as he lacks consideration for what comes out of his mouth.

He is messy and counter-productive to staff; involving them in idle conversation which distracts them from their tasks and is likely to provoke them into arguing with him.


Pros – Good at building relationships and as the middle-woman between the directors and ‘ground-level’ staff, Jen’s communication skills are a great asset to look for when choosing an support team.


Jen knows nothing about IT, she only got the job because she said she had extensive experience of computers like using ‘mices’ and clicking.

If you’re going to hire an IT manager, check they know about IT or you could end up with Jen!

She may also spend the department’s budget on outsourcing a software support technician to solve the problems and claim she fixed it. Or use Google to find the answer.


Pros - If there’s a problem, Moss will fix it!

His vast amount of technical knowledge coupled with his impressive organisational skills will serve you right but his lack of common sense may let him down.

As many IT problems can take time to fix, Moss’ patience is a personality trait to look out for. Even when software is giving him grief and the staff are hysterical (Jen) and grumpy (Roy) he is the person to keep the office environment calm.

Cons – Not the most forward-thinking employee in the organisation, Moss can solve the problems he is tasked with, yet is not very independent.

He will only work on instruction whereas your IT support department, whether in-house or outsourced, should be capable of spotting and solving problems before they arise or majorly disrupt the business.

Moss’ ability to use common sense at the right time may also cause you problems as he does not see the bigger picture. For example, during the office he attempted to “put then fire with the rest of the fire” proving over-organisation can also be dangerous.

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